Stationary System – Cenk

22 Nov

Erica’s Labels

15 Nov

The colors are still not prefect but I am happy with the illustrations so far even though those were the things I was most afraid of. I’m sure these will change again after tomorrow…

*I really wanted to see how my system would translate across the entire brand, so I am using 2 pappardelle, 2 whole wheat, and 4 classic rather than 6*

Kellyann’s Stationary

10 Nov

This was harder than I thought it would be.
For last Monday we had to:
– Business card
– Letter, 2nd letter
– #10 envelope
– Mailing label

Sounds easy right? Nope.
Things I did not realize until stationary critique day:
– The logo on the business card should not be bigger than the logo on the envelope because it is smaller.
– The logo on the envelope should be the same size as the logo on the letter head.
– We no longer need “phone” before phone number, or http: with website
– There should be signifiers on where to fold the letter and where to start writing the address on the center of the envelope
– Full bleeds look nice but are too expensive
– The first and second letter are broken into spaces, for example the address and info on the right side should line up with the “sincerely” line
– No design can really go along the bottom because of barcodes when sending mail, or the upper right
– Do not put much color into envelopes, it just gets thrown away (unless you are a graphic design nerd who saves envelopes)
– Everything has to have a function it cannot be just decorative. NOTE: that is why my business card does not have squares. on all the other elements it has a purpose to signify where to start writing or typing. A b card does not need that, but i also have to find the email and add that.

Kellyann’s Labels… Well Most of Them

9 Nov

Hey all! Red here.
“Easiest” part of the process in creating a label: Figuring out where everything fit and picking type. Establishing the hierarchy and how to make it easy as a system- just change the type of pasta, flavor, color and illustration and boom done new label.

Most challenging part: ILLUSTRATIONS. I have all but garlic parsley done now and I am just too tired to do all the details. Drawings like that are my greatest weakness. Also making different color pallets for flavors whose herb color are all green. There are only so many shades of green out there people!

SO here are my labels, at this point. One sans image.

Fiesta, as we all know is not a flavor. It is the spanish word for party. I was thinking a lime or chile, but both of those denote flavor. Sombrero does not fit with the system, i need a plant or something where a fiesta would occur. so a cactus! tah dah. Mixed feelings.

Good night.


1 Nov

simple logo example

click on the link to see my second attempt to create and effective stationary for al dente pasta.

Package Design

27 Oct

Cenk Başbolat

Logo new version

27 Oct

Cenk Başbolat