Poster Development Sketch – Cenk

8 Dec


Poster Sketches – cenk

8 Dec

Poster failure

8 Dec

Erica’s really bad poster sketches…

and progress for class today…

Kellyann Cooks Again!

7 Dec

So over the weekend I made a feast of sorts. My boyfriend was visiting for the weekend and being the long distance relationship that it is I had to make an impressive meal. Now, from my proof of previous (or lack-there-of) experience my skills were doubted from the start. I did warn him to eat a big lunch, just in case my killer kitchen skills took a seat on the struggle bus along next to my ability to keep my room clean.

My menu:
– Wheat rolls
– Green beans
– Chicken stuffed with cheese and brocoli
– Al dente egg fettucini and alfredo sauce

The best part of this? I only microwaved the sauce! The chicken did not even come with a microwave option. Fancy stuff I was dealing with. The pasta was perfection! The chicken took 32 minutes and the pasta took a total of 7 including the boiling water time ( I did remember to boil the water first). This cook time allowed me more time to enjoy hor dourves with him, and yes I did need to google how to spell that. By hor dourves I mean baby carrots and ranch and brie and wheat thins.

He ate all of it! It looked like a real meal. I wish I took a picture. Needless to say my rep as a chef as improved exponentially. Although I do not known the next time I will spend that much time in the kitchen. Probably when I move out and need to collect the array of silverware and plates I contributed to the house. Most of which I rarely use because take out or delivery supplies its own! Idea, delivery al dente … ?

AND I worked more on my poster….
Needed improvement:
– PASTA taking up too much space, too bold and large, more space needed
– Get rid of perfection in 3 minutes
– Move made here enjoyed everywhere close to name
– Cooking demo bigger
– Use 2 fonts instead of 3

I also did some back label designs for documenting my work later…


I left the green beans in the microwave (they were the steamers kind) and found then two days later when heating up left over chinese food… will I ever learn?

“How Proactive of You”

29 Nov

Its Kellyann, if that wasn’t apparent enough by my tone.
WOAH I already made some major changes.
I love studio time.


too boring. WOAH mustard color. pictures wouldn’t scale well. after all these have to be 24 by 36.


now it belongs. no longer a reject from my system.



29 Nov

Thanksgiving break. A time for friends, family, and homework.
I do not understand teachers thought processes on that. “Oh shoot, they miss three days worth of studio classes. I better give them three class days worth of homework.” (NOT that this mentality applies to this class… just classes in general.)

So instead of enjoying my little cousin’s 9th birthday I made these.

Just kidding, I enjoyed the fiesta. I just made these while my uncles were watching football. I do not and will not ever understand that sport.

This is the poster I thought most successful. The first few were too busy. I also changed what slogan I used from tender but firm to enjoyed anywhere.
Look how it all lines up! Goodness I love typefaces. Oh so much. Seriously.

and now it gets critiqued today. so I will enjoy being temporarily finished.

Packaging Merchandising Promotional Systems – Cenk

22 Nov

Cenk Basbolat